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Forthcoming Exhibition at Cheeseburn

The next incarnation of Northern Glass Innovations, which showcases Jo's work alongside fellow Newcastle-based contemporary glass artists Sue Woolhouse and Laura Johnston takes place at Cheeseburn Sculpture Gardens, 29th & 30th Jun and 6th & 7th July 2019.

Through three artists' individual approaches to glass, they explore the exciting technique of waterjet cutting with very different and contrasting results. The dialogue between industrial process and contemporary craft is examined.

Waterjet technology is an exciting technology, though costly process, yet it allows the hidden properties of glass, its inherent strength and weaknesses to flourish. A period of collaboration between the artists was presented in the first exhibition in the summer of 2018 as part of 36 Lime Street Studios' Great Exhibition of the North programme. The show explored an interplay of Johnston’s reflective installations against the translucent stillness of Mitchell’s sculptures, punctuated by Woolhouse’s contrasting industrial yet organic forms: contradicting the perceived fragility of the material. The forthcoming show is a collection of selected pieces from the original exhibition, curated for the Design Larder at Cheeseburn.

We invite the viewer to observe, imagine, and discuss…

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